Research Interests

Geothermal Energy
  • Geothermal exploration
  • Monitoring of geothermal production fields
  • Aqueous geochemistry

Natural zeolites and mineral alteration
  • Zeolite formation in crystalline basement rocks (Switzerland)
  • Mass transfer, mineral evolution and pororsity generation during fluid-rock interaction in crystalline basement rock
  • Alpine exhumation history in relation to the low temperature metamorphism (Switzerland)
  • Zeolite facies in basaltic systems (Iceland)
  • Fluid control on low-temperature mineral formation in volcanic rocks of Kahrizak, Iran
  • Primary vs. secondary analcime in alkaline volcanic rocks from the Kaiserstuhl
  • Low temperature water-rock interaction in the Kaiserstuhl volcanic complex
  • Hydrothermal replacemnet of the Fohberg phonolite
  • Faujasite: mineralogy, geochemistry and and genetic speculations
  • Offretite vs. epitaxial growth of offretite and erionite (Kaiserstuhl)
Clastic diagenesis
  • Clastic diagenesis and the formation of carbonte cements vs. fracture carbonate
Economic Geology
  • Orogenic gold deposits
  • Hydrothermal ore forming processes

My research interest is related to field of mineralogy, geochemistry and petrology. Thereby my research interests are focused on, geothermal processesand geothermal energy, aqueous geochemistry, very-low temperature metamorphism, mineral replacement, alteration during water-rock interaction in hydrothermal systems in metamorphic and igneous rocks as well during clastic diagenesis.  My experience is in a long-range in different local setting as well as in different geological environments.
Research results are published in international journals. In generally my research projects are based on fieldwork in igneous and metamorphic provinces combined with analytic techniques (EMPA, XRD, XRF, LA-ICPMS, Stable isotope geochemistry, Fluid Inclusion, FTIR, DSC-TGA, Ar/Ar dating and apatite FT) and thermodynamic modelling.